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Drilling Machine, Drilling Machines Manufacturer, Exporter of Geared Type Pillar Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine, Drilling Machines Manufacturer, Exporter of Geared Type Pillar Drilling Machine Company Profile

K.M.Panchal is well - known for manufacturing of Pillar Drilling Machine since last 38 years of excellence performance. Our products have achieved enormous popularity through working efficiency & accuracy in case of maintenance. High quality manufacturing and special materials coupled with robust design & operation simplicity place the products ahead amongst the best of their type available in the market.

A mass production system adopted with economic batch quantity which enable  the production most effective with the help of time-study & flow process chart. The use of Man-Machine Chart reduces the production delay – time which makes production faster.

All gears made from selected material & cuts on imported Gear shaper OH-6 (TOS Brand) at our workshop. Spline inside the bore of gear cuts on imported Broaching Machine to maintain minimum backlash of gear. A sintered bushes are provided in Spindle pulley as well as in Double Gear Shaft which provide the continuous lubrication to increase the life of gears. This enables the whole gear drive running in smooth working condition. All the materials are hardened and ground as per requirement. Both shafts and gears are so designed and manufactured that it gives the ultimate powerful drilling operation with maximum power transmission, smooth & silence operation.

Through the above efforts & “ AFTER SALES SERVICE ” is our motto company, is capable of  achieving more & more customer satisfaction at the every year.

Main Features

K.M.PANCHAL is well – known for drilling Machine, which has a study, built up, long lasting Affordability & accuracy with minimum care & Breakdown. It is designed for both mass production and tool  room job. The versatility of machine gives the wide range of operations Cast – Iron, Steel & other selected materials

Salient Features
›› Streamlined design, Compact construction.
›› Wide range of spindle speeds.
›› Easy back gear engagement gives slow speed range, Facilitates tapping
›› Robust base plate with sharp ‘T’ slots.
›› Ground surfaced  seamless steel pillar with Hard Chrome Plating on
›› Sintered bushes in gear drive for automatic continuous lubrication.
›› Hardened & Threaded spindle & M.S. Ram on demand.

    All parts are interchangeable and also proper stock of spare – parts are well maintained, so you can buy any parts at any time from your nearest dealers to reduce break down time.


    The head integrally casted  from the heavy duty closed grain casting. The head is such designed that it can withstand the cantilever loads, static as well as carrying the spindle is precisely machined for best surface finish through Honning process. It has effective locking device to lock be lowered & raised or swung about 360° at any position. The safety ring is provided to prevent accidential unlocking.


    The hand operated spindle feed is measured by a graduated feed depth gauge. A quick return of the spindle is achieved by a coil spring on a cross handle.


    The splined spindle having a taper roller bearing which gives perfect power transmission. This arrangement is driven by a motor though ‘V’ belt having 4 step pulley properly balanced to prevent over access  vibration and noise. The additional 4 speeds are obtained from the gear sets precisely milled from best quality steels.

    Working Table

    The correctly machined square surface is checked by dial for Flatness. It is provided with ‘T’ slots & it can be adjusted vertically by means of a Rack & Pinion mechanism. The table is freely rotated though 360° & can be locked by rotating locking lever.

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